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Tooru Fujisawa

Mangaka, Japan

Tooru Fujisawa. We bet you all know GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka! This widely-known manga has been adapted to be drama series, anime, and even a movie! To share the great news with you, Tooru Fujisawa (@toofu001), the author of GTO, will officially come to Popcon Asia 2017!

Siapa sih yang nggak tahu GTO atau Great Teacher Onizuka? Manga yang populer tahun 2000-an ini telah diadaptasi menjadi drama series, anime, dan film! Nah, Tooru Fujisawa, komikus GTO akan hadir di Popcon Asia 201! #PopconAsia


Peter Van Dongen

Comic Artist, Netherland

Walter Jones

Actor, USA

Ario Anindito

Comic Artist, Indonesia

Sarah Arcache

Digital Innovator, Institut Français

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